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Innovative communication through the arts of  language and music
English with or without US Citizenship Exam Preparation Classes.
Online and Local

  • ESL classes with US citizenship preparation classes local and online.
            Beginners to advance

  • Prepare to take the US. Citizenship exam. For English Speakers and non-  
             English Speakers

  • Flexible schedule: morning, day or evenins/night

  • Classes through real time video conferencing: ask questions and get answer just  like in a real

  •  Private, group, free or small fee.

  • All classes are taught by experienced Florida Certified Teacher

       Fill the form below to help us know your needs and preferences in order to  

       schedule your class.
*First Name
*Last  Name
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Native Language
A. I am inquiring about the class (es) for

1.    Myself                                       2. A person or persons other than myself                                    
B. If you are signing up for someone else,  write the persons information above and you name and telephone number below
C. Time the student has available to take this class. Check that apply.

Monday        Tuesday        Wednesday          Thursday            Sunday
D. ChecK the time that the student has available to take class. Check all that apply
 (If you are not sure,
 that's okay. Just write a note in the comment box at the end of this form.

1. Between  10:00 am. and 12 noon EST.    2. Between 12 noon and 3:00 p.m. EST     3.  Between 7:00 p.m and 9:00 p.m EST

F. My choice of class.

1. Private (online) $30.00 hr.            Group (Local)  in Miami Free, 1 hr weekly,Sundays only        Group  (Online) $100 for 2 months, 3hrs weekly
G. I would like to start taking my classes

1. Immediately                                2.  Within  1 week                            3.   Summer 2017   (June 4 - August 4.     
H. What's the level of Education of  the student.

Elementary                                    High School                                     College
I. What 's the levelof English of the student?

Zero Beginner (no English)                               Some English                               Intermediate                                      Advance
J . I ( the student) would like to take the following class

1. Beginners English      2.  Intermediate or  Advance    3.   US  Citizenship Prep (English/ Spanish) 4.   
US  Citizenship Prep (English only)
K. How did you know about the classes?