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Innovative communication through the arts of  language and music
Survey 1   About Spanish Language
First Name
Last  Name
Telephone Number
Age Group                                                       Adult
5 -17   
A. What's your level of Spanish?

Speak and write a little          I don't know any Spanish         intermediate to advance
B. I would like to take Spanish classes for the following purposes:

1. Travelling    2. Providing Health care  3.  Personal enrichment  4. Professional reasons not health care
C. Available days for class

Monday        Tuesday        Wednesday          Thursday           Friday  
D. My available time to take classes.

1. Between  9:00 am. and 12 noon. 2. Between 12 noon and 3:00 p.m.   3.  Between 7:00 p.m and 9:00 p.m
E. This inquiry is for (check all that apply):

1. Other individuals                                        2. Myself
F. My choice of class.

1. Private ($40.00 hr.)           2. 10-hour
travel Spanish   class ($100).      3.  16-hour travel Spanish  class ($160).
4. 20-hour  ($200)                       5. 40-hour class ($400                              6. Longer courses
  • Registration fee for all classes is $25. There is no registration fee for private classes but other rules apply.
I would like to start taking my classes

1. Immediately                               2.  Within  2 week to 3 weeks                3.   Later