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Mrs. Ferrari's Spanish Class Projects for Middle School, Grades 4, 5
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2. Spanish alphabet Download the free Spanish Dictionary Vocabulary Template
(You can also make your own template and write each letter of the Spanish alphabet
For each letter of the Spanish alphabet write three words that contain that letter. One with the letter at the beginning of the word, one in the middle and
one at the end, if possible.
1. Map Work. On a blank map of the world with countriee, fill in all the Spanish-speaking countries of the world.Be sure to write the name of the
country clearly.
3. Character Mapping:
Research an outstanding Hispanic-American. Write the  name of your character in the center oval. You may also put her/her picture there. In the outer
ovals., write words that describe your character , his/her life, work or history
4. Hispanic Heritage Month
Create a display to illustrate Hispanic heritage month.
Include the following.
a. Definition and origin of the celebration.
b. Pictures of and brief history of at least three outstanding Hispanic- American
c. List of five Spanish speaking countries their capital city and their currency. Their currency 9money) should all be different.
d. Samples(pictures) of art from Hispanic countries
e. At least one other thing that you chose to add.