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Innovative communication through the arts of  language and music

A new book jumped off the press and tumbled into town on October
24, 2013.  In fact, it came in with quite an entourage of like-minded
colleagues.  "Rhythm and Notes' is rich deep orange and shiny on the
outside and compact with lots of fun information and tools or toy, you
may say, on the inside.

Author Melinda Ferrari saw its arrival, clapped in joyful praise, picked
it up and said “Thank you”.
Her piano students and big music class students performed the
Rhythm and Notes jingle ... and they got the claps in just right!

The contents in the Rhythm and Notes workbook covers basic
keyboard training, note-reading, rhythm exercises, ear training, and
singing with lots of interactive fun activities for beginning music
students up to level one. Both adults and children have found  it

The workbook approaches teaching from a creative teacher’s
perspective. This unique book is a teacher’s delight.
Ask for it wherever
books are sold!
More information is on
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