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Editorial Evaluation and Editing

Editorial Evaluation

Myzeez editors will read your manuscript and assess its strength and weaknesses. In addition,
editors will suggest  possible ways of improving your manuscript. We will also let you know
whether you need basic or substantive copy editing and how much it will cost you. (In certain cases,
the editors might even advise you to get a ghost writer). Finally, we will advise you on the next steps
to take in getting your book published.

48 - 70 pages   (completed within 30 days)  $75
71 – 110pages   (within 30 days)  $ 150
111 – 250 pages   (within 30 days)  $ 225                                        Purchase editorial Evaluation


There are two levels of editing.

1. Basic copy editing

Prices will be set after editorial evaluation  Minimum  cost$150

This is for writers who have a good command of the English language.
The editor will check   grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency and other  structures.

48 - 70 pages   ( completed within 30 days)
72 – 110 pages  (within 45 days)
111 – 250 pages  (within 60 days)

Substantive copy editing is

Prices will be set after editorial evaluation Minimum cost $175)

This is for writers who need a more advanced level of correction. It is especially useful for works
written by nonnative English language speakers or people who have difficulty with structure because
of multi-language experiences.

The editor will check   grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency and other basic structures. The
Also look at organization and tone. You will get feedback and suggestion on how to improve your

48 - 70 pages    (completed within 45 days)
72 – 110     (within 50 days)
111 – 250 pages   (within 60 days)


Fill the email form, and we will contact you promptly. We will discuss the next steps..

For editing, this is how it usually works:

You send us a complete manuscript in a Microsoft Word format.
Our editor will review your work, correct, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and like mistakes       
We return the corrected manuscript to you for your approval.
You may accept or reject editorial changes made by the editor.
You make the final decision whether to incorporate the editor’s correction into your work.

All editing must be paid for whether or not the client accepts the corrections.


Sometime a person has a great story to tell; however, he or she doesn't seem to be able to
communicate the story effectively through writing. In this case, another person (a ghost writer) , not
the storyteller, writes the story, but takes no credit for it. We will write your story for you, and no
one will know we did, but you.

Publishing Cost

Complete Package - Editing and Publishing  $4, 500 -
to produce 250 copies sent to the author. The amount will cover
, basic editing, formatting , ISBN
printing of the books

80 - 150 pages or less
Size 6 x 9  or  5.5 x 8.5

Other sizes available

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