Test Your Basic Music Theory Skills
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Choose the most appropriate answer.
1. What's the descriptive name of this note?
a. Whole note                   b. half note                         c. eighth note    
2. Name this note.
a. whole note                     b. half note                          c. eighth note
3. How many beats does a half note get?

a. two                                b. three                                 c. one
4. What's the name of this sign?
a. bass clef sign                b. treble clef sign                c. tenor clef sign
5. The letter name of this note is
a. B                                      b. C                                   c. A
6. How many counts do these notes add up to?
a. 5                                       b. 3                                   c.  2
7. The letter name of this note is
a. middle D                          b. middle C                        c. sol-fa
Select true or false, whichever is correct.
8. A dotted half note gets 3 counts.

a. true                                  b. false
9. E is in the fourth space on the treble clef.

a. true                                  b. false
10. The time signature comes at the end of a piece of     

a. true                                  b. false

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