Piano Lessons:  ("Rhythm and Notes" short course is a prerequisite)

When to Start:  On an average, age seven or eight is a good time for children to start learning to play
the piano. However, a child's eagerness, attention span and interest are the best indicators of when that
child is ready to start piano lessons.

Convenience and cost:  Convenience and cost are two other factors, and myzeez has taken that into
consideration for you. Ask about one of our convenient centers or ask us to get  a center that's
convenient to you.  Also, at Myzeez, piano students may join the bell and tone chime choir and learn to
play bells and chime free of cost.


One time Registration Fee $25.00

Beginners Group classes for adults  $100  discounted to - $50 per month, one lesson per week, every week for one month

Beginners Group classes for adults $100 discounted to $50 per month, one lesson per week, every week for one month

Private classes are $35.00 (40 minutes), pay 5 classes   in advance.

All fees are paid in advance. There are no refunds, credit or reduction of fees due to absences  or  public holidays .

There are no make-up classes for absences. It is the student's responsibility to arrive at his or her  class on time.
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