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Rhythm and Notes

Elementary music workbook for all
workbook with interactive material for
seminars, workshops, music classes -
prerequisite to all music courses  For school
Churches, Schools. Corporations, families
Complete with music bingo Game
Benefits of Learning to play a musical instrument.

Learning to play a musical instrument is a wonderful experience that is great for both children
and adults alike. It  stimulates the mind, sharpens the intellect,  strengthens the memory and
helps to instil discipline and order.  It also reliefs stress and relaxes which promotes a healthier
lifestyle.  In short music enriches quality of life in general.

How to find the right music program or piano teacher for your child or yourself.

First, think about which instrument the child is interested in playing. Piano,  guitar, violin,
trumpet and saxophone are popular choices. You might not be sure of your instrument.

A Word of Advice: The piano is the master instrument.  It offers a more complete knowledge of
music.  If you do not have a piano, an electric keyboard will do. In general, it is the same as the
keyboard on a piano.  It might have less keys, but it is more portable than an upright or  a
grand piano.. Also a beginner does not play all the keys on a piano.

Written music is the same for all of the above  mentioned instrument. The notes are the some,
the rhythm, and theory. The piano has both bass and treble clef notes while the others have
only treble clef notes.


Allow the child or adult time to learn" Rhythm and Note"  while he or she decides which
instrument to learn. This is an interactive class that students can use to transition to their
instrument of choice or continue to higher levels if he or she choose not to learn to play any
of the non percussion instruments.

How to Join the "Rhythm and Notes" Class.

Local or distance: Call 786-542-4546

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