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Innovative communication through the arts of  language and music
Lesson Five

Topic: The Bass staff

Main Activity:  Writing and identifying letter names of whole notes on the bass staff;
writing whole notes on the bass staff.

Just like the treble staff, the bass staff has five lines and four spaces. The lines and spaces are also numbered
from the bottom up.  However, the names of the lines and spaces are different than those on the treble staff.

The bass clef sign looks like this

Look at the bass clef sign more closely. You’ll notice that it’s like a C turned backward. There are two dots behind
it. The dots are above and below line number 4. (Remember in Music we count the lines and spaces from the
bottom up) That’s the line F. The bass clef is also called the F clef.

Letter names of lines on the bass clef
Letter names of spaces on the bass clef

Here are two notes;  B as a whole note on a line on the bass clef and E as a whole note in a space.