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Read carefully before you begin.

Exercises and Tests
It is important to start reading the theory for keyboard basics, especially if you are a beginner. Do not rush
through the exercises, instead, do them one at a time in consecutive order. Make sure you understand the first
lesson before going on to the next.  You may repeat each item, whether exercise, test or reading, as often as
you need to before going on to the next.  
 New exercises and tests are uploaded periodically.

Practice Exercises are quizzes. You get the answer to each practice exercise after clicking send or submit

Your progress will be monitored
The notation exercises, practice tests and tests are automatically returned
to your teacher. Fill out the information at the top of these exercises before doing them. When you have
completed an exercise, click on the
submit button. This will give you the correct answers in most cases and
will also send your answers to your teacher.

Passwords are generated. New passwords are generated periodically for security reasons. When your
password is changed, you will be notified within 48 hours. All current members of the Music Club
Workshop  and the Notation Workshop will receive a new password.

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