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Chime Choir:

Chime choir rehearsal and performances in North Miami Beach, Florida.

If you or a member of your church would like to join this chime choir, kindly fill the application form
and make the corresponding payment.

For any clarification, please call (786) -541 4546.

Members do not need to buy bells; they are provided at rehearsal for the purpose of practicing.

The choir will have a major winter performance. There will also be mini performances at different
locations such as churches during the year.

Members must be at least 10 years old. Members or their parents/ guardians will be responsible for
their attendance to chime/bell choir practice and performances.

Presently, new  choir members should reside in a radius of no more than about 30 miles  from North
Miami Beach.  It is also required that choir members  have, at least, some basic knowledge of notation
and can sight-read.

The Rhythm and Notes course provides this training in basic notation and timing.
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How did you hear about
the bell choir
Age Group
child   10 - 17                                                               adult
Age of child
Number to call in case of
What instrument(s) do you play?
Do you read music                    yes                   no                  I don't know
I have answered the questions truthfully. I have read the information above and
agreed to the guidelines of the bell choir herein explained

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