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10 Amazing Benefits of Music

Posted by Melinda Ferrari

1. Music Stimulates Brain Cells :  Learning to play a musical instrument or listening to classical music stimulates the brain cells and
helps students become more alert thinkers. Music also helps to improve, creative abilities listening and reading skill of students.

ScienceDaily report,  March 16, 2009
Source: SAGE Publications/Psychology of Music

"Children exposed to a multi-year program of music tuition involving training in increasingly complex rhythmic, tonal, and practical
skills display superior cognitive performance in reading skills compared with their non-musically trained peers, according to a new

2. Music Improves the memory:  A song is a memory's best friend. Have you ever wondered why so many lessons are taught
through song in the formative years of kindergarten?

3. Music Helps to Improve Self-Esteem: Learning to play a musical instrument gives children a sense of accomplishment which helps
improve their self-esteem.
Playing a musical instrument will also improve self-discipline and coordination.

4. Music Helps to Boost Optimism:  The joy of participating in musical activities, brightens the outlook of life and creates a better
mental state of mind which can help participants deal with many of life's challenges in a positive manner.

5.Music is used as a Pedagogical Tool: Societies around the globe have used music to promote ideas and ideals. Educator used  song
lyrics to teach Math, Science Music and just about every subject.  

6. Music Helps People to Socialize:  Music helps calm people and set the mood for pleasant experiences at social events whether
formal or informal. It helps with personal expression.

7. Music Promotes Healing: Listening to appropriate music enhances the mood of the listener helps soothe emotional turmoil. Music  
is used in exercise to energize the body and help it heal. Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing records that
music helps reduce chronic pain by 21%  Also, after Gabrielle Giffords, a politician was critically wounded by a crazed gunman, music
played a major role in her miraculous recovery. Click on the link below to watch the video.

Music Improves Family Relationships:  Singing and or playing together can help improve communication amongst family
members. In fact it can even help start a dialog where none existed.

Music Records History:  Song lyrics tell the stories of many generations past. They expose their struggles, joys, habits. Folk songs  
ballads and country music all have stories to tell about people, events, cultures for present and future.

Music Optimizes Spirituality: Playing, singing or listening to appropriate music helps people worship in a more meaningful way.

Innovative communication through the arts of  language and music
Rhythm & Notes Family and Basic Group
Strengthen relationships, calm  minds, relieve stress.
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