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Online Spanish Classes for  Adults, Youth and Children

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¡Mucho Gusto!
Listening on Youtube
DOS: La mochila
Listen and learn the names of the school supples in Spanish
TRES: Buenos días
Listen. write the English for three sentences that you hear.
CUATRO: Greetings
Learn to say these greetings
CINCO: Months of the year
Learn to say and write the months of the year in Spanish
DIEZ: Reflexive Verbs -- song

Listen and learn. Congugate two reflexive verbs
ONCE: Direction in the city

Listen and make notes.
Vocabulary - Basic Spanish
NUEVE:  the Spanish Alphabet

Listen and observe
Practice Tests
Research /Reading
Do Online  Tests
SIETE: Days of the Week

Learn to say and write the days  of the week in Spanish
SEIS: Numbers 1-30
Learn to say and write these numbers in Spanish
Copy and  Do
OCHO: Telling the time

Learn how to tell the time in Spanish. Make notes.
DOCE: How to order at a restaurant

Listen and  make notes.
Not for Grades 1, 2, 3
Questions and answers

Cinco de Mayo