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Stop Whining, Start Praising
Reviewed by Leonie Dennis
Educator, Pastoral Counselor, Ph.D

Publication Date: March 2009
Contact: Melinda C. J  Ferrari

Thumbs up and applauses!  “Stop Whining, Start praising” has arrived just in time. It focuses on
gratitude, praises and blessings. It explains how to praise, when to praise, who to praise, reasons to
praise and most of all receiving the benefits of praise.

In rich, vivid language, the author, Melinda Ferrari, takes readers on an exciting journey that grips the
attention of youth and adults alike. The book speaks to children, parents, educators, pastors,
congregants, leaders and followers.

“I was glued to the book.   After reading “Stop Whining, Start Praising” the first time, I was so thrilled
with gratitude that I am reading it again - with my family.  I feel so richly blessed by the wisdom in the
book that I have to share it.  In addition, I was pleased to discover that the book is also used to raise
funds for charity.

Melinda Ferrari is a pastoral musician and an innovative school teacher, who has taught English and
played the organ or piano for church services for most of her career. She has worked with both youth
and adults in a multicultural setting  in Jamaica, Mexico and the United States of America.

Stop Whining, Start Praising
By Melinda Ferrari - C. J
Publication Date: March 2009
Price: $15.99
Pages: 152
ISBN # 978-0-9754799-9-5

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Ways in which Readers Used This Book


  •  devotional readings at Christian schools and  
congregational meetings
  •  on-the-road inspiration
  •  individual and corporate praise prayer.
  •  listening and meditation - using available CD
  •  family worship

  •  complement a sermon or use as a sermon
  •  train and inspire praise leaders and teams into     
lifting the spirits of  their  congregants into praise
  •  invite people to worship - an evangelistic tool
  •  reference certain Bible texts
  •  encourage and motive readers to be better  
stewards   of their resources, including their time,
talents and finance.
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