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An inspirational book with a theme of peace,
wellness and happiness through music.
ISBN - 978-0-9754799-9-5
152  page paperback
6 x 9
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New Edition, 2009 (this edition only

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Bring Home the Joy of Praising
with Stop Whining, Start Praising
by Melinda Ferrari, a book liked
and enjoyed by all its readers.

Innovative communication through the arts of  language and music
CD in plastic or paper sleeves - excerpts from
Stop Whining Start Praising on tape
along with interludes of instrumental praise music
(piano, harp) of songs like Amazing Grace, We
Worship and Adore You and a "dream song." on

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Rhythm and Notes
The Beginner's Music Workbook
86;  Size: 11 x 8.5
ISBN: 978-0-9754799-5-7
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