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Check the answer that best completes the sentence.

1. Mary ______________ apples.

a. loves                             b. love                         c. loving
2. The cable system in my city didn't _______ be owned by the city.

a. used to                          b. use to                       c. using
3.John and Jane _________ with their mother in the suburb.

a. lives                               b. live                            c. living
4. Many people dislike _______________ at night.

a. to work                           b. work                         c. working
5. Our flight takes off in half an hour, depending _______  the weather.

a. to                                    b. on                            c.  in
6. Black Beard and his men succeeded ____________ intercepting many of the Spanish convoys.

a. to                                    b. on                            c. in
7. There is _________ milk in the tea.

a. too much                       b. too many                   c. only a few
8. ______ orange is a citrus fruit.

a. A                                      b. An                            c. One
9. Each group of immigrants _________ to the United States from a  different place.

a. come                                    b. are coming             c. has come
10. Last Sunday morning I _____________ in bed until after eleven o'clock.

a. lied                                     b. lay                           c. laid
11. The company's sales have increased _ consequently, profits have also increased.

a. ,                                          b. ;                                c. !
12. I think she should ____________ a new notebook.

a. buys                                     b. buy                         c. got
13. Social security  will dwindle as the population _______.

a. will age                                   b. ages                    c. is going to age
14. By the year 1025, human beings ___________________ on Mars.

a. will have been living               b. will have lived        c. will live
15. President J.F. Kennedy told  Americans__________ what their country could do for
them, but rather what they could do for their country.

a. to not ask                                 b. not ask                     c. not to ask
16.  A:  "Do you believe that people enjoy going to the beach?"
B:   "I believe _____."

a. that                                            b. so                            c. it
17. I wonder  ________ or not it will rain today.

a. that                                           b. when                         c. whether
18. The authorities asked the residents ______ their drinking water.

a. that they will boil                           b. to boil                     c.  they boil           
19. Wash those grapes _____ you eat them.

a. after                                          b. before                         c. as
20. ____ grow almost everywhere.

a. The trees                                      b. Trees                       c All that trees.

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