Subject Verb Agreement

In grammar there has to be a certain agreement between the verb and the subject in a sentence.

A singular subject takes a singular verb a and a plural subject  takes a plural verb.


1. He is a boy.  The word
He  is the subject of the sentence; therefore, it takes is, a singular

2. The children are sleeping.  The word
children is a plural subject; therefore, it takes
are sleeping a plural verb form of the verb.

Some nouns appear to be singular but they are plural, while others sees plural while
they are singular. The following are some examples. These words take a singular verb.

Singular Verbs

For example; news, series, headquarters, crossroads, no one, someone ------

No one likes to be called names.
Everyone is here.
Politics is nasty.
Athletics is very important.
More than one student wants a scholarship.
Three pounds/kilos is enough for us.
One of my books is in your bag.
The unites States is a great country.

Plural Verbs

the police, scissors, sunglasses, stairs,clothes,jeans, premises,

The majority of people love to eat,
All of us have challenges.
Both of the students are here.
A group of children were playing in the yard,

(to be continued)
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