English Connector Quiz by Melinda Ferrari

Take this easy English connector quiz and see how  well you know how to use
these  English connectors.
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Easy Connector Test
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Check the answer that best completes the sentence. Remember to pay attention
to the punctuation marks.

1 .__________  poor health Charlie cannot drive for more than 5 miles.

a. Since                                   b. Due to                        c. As a result
2. Charlie has poor health; ______, he cannot drive for more than 5 miles.

a. due to                                   b. as a result                      c. since
3. He sprained his ankle _______ trying to trap raccoons.

a. because                                   b. since                           c. because of
4. He couldn’t find his bag _____ the thief had taken it..

a. because                                 b. because  of                      c. as a result
5.  I bought the purple bag ______________  I thought it was durable.

a therefore                                    b.  so                             c.  due to the fact that
6.She said she used earplugs _____ the noise pollution in her factory

a.   so that                                    b. since                           c. due to
7. The children kept their sweaters on __________ it was not cold.

a. even though                               b.
besides                          c. aside
8. We made a lot of money, _____ we still wanted more.

a. nevertheless                               b.
therefore                           c. but      
9. I worked hard ___________ pay my bills.

a.  so that                                         b. for                            c.in order to
10. _______________  a boat, he also bought an airplane.

a. Since                                         b. Until                           c. In addition to
11. The company's sales have increased;________,  profits have also increased.

a. since                                           b. consequently                c. as
12. You need to pass the exam; ____________, you will not graduate.

a. otherwise                                    b. or                        c. as
13. Social security  will dwindle _____ the population ages.

a. therefore                                       b. thus                          c. as
14. He finished his work early, _________ he left early.

a. consequently                              b. hence                            c. so
15. ______________ I go to the gym, I walk regularly.

a. Afterwards                             b. Although                  c. Besides
16  I wash the crockery everyday. ______ I dry them. Finally, I stack them in the cupboard.

a. Next                                          b. After that                          c. Then
17. Neither a cat ________ a dog is a perfect pet.

a.   or                                           b. nor                                   c. as
18. A dog is a canine ,_________ a cat is a feline.

a.     whereas                                   b.  as                           c.  so        
19. We will help you _______ you help us.

a. unless                                      b. provided that                      c. even
20. I don't have much time. I will try to help you, _________

a.  although                                 b. even though                     c though

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